• It provides an elegant appearance due to its aesthetic and even surfaced structure.
  • It is easy to use. It is possible to form the sheet according to desires and acquire the sheets in the desired dimensions.
  • It can be supplied in various dimensions and colours.
  • It is durable. It is a robust, light, and rigid material.
  • It is protective. It protects the surface it covers thanks to its resistance to the climatic conditions.
  • It has a low coefficient of heat and noise transfer.
  • It is economical. Provides full protection for a low price.
  • it helps your creativity with its ease of forming, various colour alternatives and durability.
  • Gives the best results in application.

Technical Specifications for AlUCORE TECHBOND ASN4

  • Sheet Alloy – Condition: EN AW-3105 / H46
  • Aluminium Sheet Thickness: Top Sheet: 0,40mm (±0,02mm)
  • Bottom Sheet: 0,40mm (±0,02mm)
  • Composite Panel Total Thickness: 4mm (±0,2mm)
  • Filling: Depending on The Flammability Class – Thickness: 3,2mm
  • Top Sheet Coating: Paint (20+5 micron)
  • Bottom Sheet: Polyester Based Protective Paint


Alucore Tech aluminum composite panel products; can be produced in every color depending on the order amount. Our brand offers a wide range of options, including solid colors, metallic colors, wood colors, brush colors and prestige colors.

NB011 - Pearl Gold
NB050 - Azul Blue
NB080 - Lys Bronze
NB081 - Copper
NB090 - Metallic Silver
NB092 - Shiny Metallic Silver
NB095 - Champagne
NB101 - Ivory Sand
NB102 - Rape Yellow
NB104 - Pearl White
NB107 - Grey Beige
NB202 - Orange
NB203 - Pantone Orange
NB301 - Red Brown
NB302 - Traffic Red
NB304 - Erika Violet
NB381 - Pale Brown
NB382 - Soil Brown
NB503 - Ultramarine Blue
NB504 - Steel Blue
NB505 - Gentian Blue
NB603 - Moss Green
NB604 - Grey Green
NB701 - Platinium Grey
NB702 - Metallic Dark Grey
NB703 - Graphite Grey
NB704 - Smoked Grey
NB705 - Antracite Grey
NB901 - Pure White
NB912 - White Cream
NB951 - Graphite Black