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AlucoreTech believes in customer orientation and professionalism. The company values its customers by offering a wide variety of high-quality, elegant exterior and interior doors made of the best quality materials which have made them magnificently durable and easy to install.


PVC coated doors which are also known as membrane interior room doors are obtained by covering the wooden doors with polyvinyl chloride, and are one of the most durable doors amongst the other wooden doors.
PVC coated doors have great contribution to sound insulation, in addition, they allow you to save fuel with providing thermal insulation in winter. PVC doors are also water resistant due to their high moisture resistance, and they will not swell or wear out over the time. They also require very little maintenance compared to the normal wooden doors, they do not form permanent stains and are easy to clean and maintain.
PVC doors can also be glazed with 20mm, 24mm or 32mm thickness glass. So, you can choose the PVC interior doors with glass if you want to use them in the kitchen and living room, while choosing the PVC doors that you want to use in the bedroom and bathroom without glass. PVC door contains chloride that makes it fire-resistant. As a result, if the door catches fire, it will go out without any intervention.
PVC door does not contain carcinogenic substances, and complies with all health norms. It is frequently used in residential buildings because of its sound insulation feature. PVC doors come in many different patterns and designs, and due to the production process, which is done by CNC machines, they are more affordable and longlasting compared to the other coated door types.
PVC door is also known as membrane door, and is designed to add elegance to your home. It is generally thicker than lacquered, wooden and laminate doors. PVC, PVC coated or PVC laminated interior doors are the most preferred interior door types with their easy assembly. PVC interior doors, which are becoming more and more popular, are also produced in classical and avant-garde decoration styles.
With new styles development in recent years, PVC doors can also be used as exterior doors. They can be produced as inward or outward opening. Compared to the other doors, it is a door type that is more resistant to external conditions.


Composite doors are made of a variety of materials including glass-reinforced plastic with a solid wood core and UVP, which are produced in several different ways. Composite door is presented to you as one of the strongest doors that currently exist in the market. Composite doors generally consist of the following materials:
• Glass reinforced plastic
• Reinforced timber
• Special kind of PVC
Composite doors are extremely sophisticated products, produced with high pressure and appropriate material layers. This technology makes composite doors suitable for outdoors as well. Composite doors have many types that appeal to every single taste. There are three types of composite doors in terms of the materials:
• Polymer Composite
• Metal Composite
• Ceramic Composite

A perfect structure is formed with these three types of composites. After the production of the material, the remaining spaces are filled with MDF. Thus, the insulation of the door is both stronger and more balanced. Composite doors have the best insulation compared to other modern doors, thanks to the fact that all the gaps are filled and no air chambers are left.
General composite door styles are as below:
• Composite wooden doors
• Composite steel doors
• Composite exterior doors
• Composite panel doors

Composite wooden doors are much more suitable for use as interior doors. Composite exterior doors and steel doors are preferred as exterior doors due to their strength, durability, and excellent insulation properties, which are highly cold proof and resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.
Composite is something like bringing together certain, useful materials, fusing them together and creating perfection. This joining process results in one of the strongest, most successful interior doors.


Lacquer Door is a non-fabricated interior door which stands out with its hand workmanship. There are different lacquer door styles and designs, which are mostly produced in white colour and embroidered according to the customers’ demand. In case of special request, it is possible to produce in custom colours and embroideries. Lacquered doors are modelled by CNC machines and coated in white lacquer. The lacquers of these doors vary according to their layers. Lacquered doors are slightly more expensive than other interior doors. Lacquer Door is modelled by CNC machines, then it is polished by hand and takes its final appearance. These doors, which are machined and patterned in CNC machines, are produced with special workmanship, and the production phase is quite detailed. In the door manufacturing phase, firstly, a skeleton is formed from


Laminate doors are produced from the same materials as laminate flooring.
Laminate doors are impregnated with increased durability and high resistance to abrasion and scratching. laminate doors are preferred for decoration and design.
The fir material is first formed by pressing the MDF and compressing it with cardboard. Then, painting or pattern application are done according to colour preference. Thus, the laminate door gets its final form.
Some of the features that laminate doors offer are as below:
Durable structure
Heat and sound insulated
Extra sound and heat insulation can be added
Impact resistant; to all kinds of impacts from the outside
Unlimited colour and pattern options
Embossing can be applied, since it is basically MDF
Adapts to modern, classic, avant-garde and all other decor styles

trees for the door leaf frame and honeycomb cardboards are laid on this frame. Then, 6mm thick MDF boards are adhered with the help of a press. Lacquer is actually a painting process. It is obtained by painting wooden doors with glossy or matte lacquer paints. Lacquered doors are more difficult to install than other types of doors. Some of the Lacquer Door features are listed below for your consideration:
• Impact and UV rays resistant
• The colour does not fade over time
• Thermal and sound insulated
• Using 6mm MDF board increases the durability
• Each style can be glazed
• Patterns can be made on the door surface
• Easy to clean; since the painted surface is smooth

Laminated door’s frame is filled with high density cardboard which is produced by printing MDF on the wing and laminating the desired colour on MDF. After the impression is created, the solid parts are taped with PVC tape, suitable for the laminate. Beech or beech hardening material can be applied around the wing. Laminate door frames and jambs can be prepared as lacquered with adjustable sliding jambs and roving seals, or the frame and trim can be produced by pressing or wrapping using the same laminate’s colour. The case can be made of solid fir or MDF.


American door is a mass production product with benefits in standardization, price, quality and easy installation. It is produced using fir, spruce and pine trees.
American doors are fabricated and mass-produced using high-tech machines. They are also produced as lacquer, and have a huge selection of colours and styles.
Some of the American door features are listed below:
Light-weight; American door is a very light type of interior door due to the production technique and the material used. It is easily transported, assembled and used.
Stamina; Despite being quite light, American doors are durable. The high pressure and temperature coating process make it very strong structurally. American door’s durability is increased by the paper honeycombs mounted on the carcass frame of the door, which makes it impact resistant.
Double Sided Opening; American doors can be installed to be open in the desired direction during the installation phase.
Waterproof; American doors are resistant to water, moisture or water vapour, so, they can be used on wet floors and environments.
If you want to make a stylish and luxurious touch to your home with its aesthetic appearance, we recommend you to choose American panel door.


Melamine doors are made of a synthetic material called melamine. It is produced by pressing natural wood layer, under high temperature and pressure, and that the natural wood pattern is reflected on the doors. This process is quite difficult and the production process takes quite a long time. Melamine is an organic compound, which can be used for many years and has no harm to health. It is a type of plastic that is water, heat and chemical resistant. It is produced by treating cellulose or formaldehyde with amino methyl phosphonic acid, which polymerizes the material. Melamine doors offer a cost-effective way to achieve an elegant and luxurious design in your home. They are one of the most popular types of interior doors, as they have an attractive glossy finish.
Melamine finish
First of all, the melamine surface is pressed using a roller under high temperature and pressure. Then the surface is sanded to obtain a flat surface. Finally, the MDF panel is pressed on the door and melamine coated door is obtained.
Demand for these doors has increased over the years as they are affordable and longlasting alternatives to the wooden doors. They offer a more durable surface than wood, which means they are less prone to scratches and damage if people constantly open them. Melamine doors provide extremely natural sound insulation, so there is no need for any additional sound insulation accessories. Some of the features of the Melamine Doors are listed below:
• Handicraft; They go through many different processes to become a perfect door. It is a very laborious task to remove the wood pattern and add it to the door.
• Naturalness; The tree patterns used in its construction ensures that melamine doors maintain their natural appearance and spread their natural texture around.
• Wide Area of Use; They are highly resistant to water, humidity and impacts. The structure will not deteriorate no matter how long you use it. It does not swell when in contact with water. It does not undergo deformation.
• Sound Insulation; It provides the best sound insulation by going through many processes. It is preferred not only in homes, but also in offices, hotels and hospitals.


Today, wooden doors are produced by machines in the form of mass production, and are usually produced in standard sizes.

Different coatings can be made on wooden doors only upon request. (PVC, Melamine, Lacquer etc.)

There are structural differences in wooden doors used indoors and outdoors. Wooden doors used outdoors are produced to be more resistant to weather conditions.

When it comes to wooden doors, a wide range of products emerge. Since only the coating of wooden doors changes, they are named in different ways such as melamine, PVC and lacquered doors.

Wooden interior doors are produced with or without glass upon request. Generally, the bedroom and bathroom doors are preferred without glass, while living room, kitchen and children's room’s doors are preferred with glass.

Glass wooden door also has a very aesthetic appearance. We would like to state that you will be very satisfied with these models, which are produced using glazed or unglazed glass.


MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. It is a medium-hard board, formed by thermo-mechanical bonding of fibers obtained from wood or other cellulosic raw materials to a certain humidity. It then gets bound with a thermosetting adhesive of about 9-11% and pressed under temperature and pressure.

Massive use of the MDF doors stands out in newly built houses.

MDF doors are one of the robust and durable interior door types produced by pressing in CNC machines. The MDF doors that are not processed in CNC machines, obtain a bright appearance with the help of sandpaper and polish. MDF doors, which are highly resistant to water, can be used indoors in any rooms with peace of mind.

MDF is MORE DURABLE than Wood.

MDF is a high-quality and easy-to-process material that never wears out in line with the patterns and carvings created on it. MDF doors are painted with MDF Lacquer and have a bright vivid appearance. It offers an aesthetic beauty with its wooden appearance.

Some of the MDF Doors features are as below:

• Soundproof

• Water and moisture resistant
; even if you wash an MDF door with water, odour and swelling will never happen

• Thermal insulated due to their Thermo-mechanical feature

• Impact resistant

• Fire-proof, and prevents the fire from flaming, so if fire splashes on an MDF door, it will never grow and spread.

• Thief-proof; high security system

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