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AlucoreTech believes in customer orientation and professionalism. The company values its customers by offering a wide variety of high-quality, elegant exterior and interior doors made of the best quality materials which have made them magnificently durable and easy to install.

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PVC coated doors which are also known as membrane interior room doors are obtained by covering the wooden doors with polyvinyl chloride, and are one of the most durable doors amongst the other wooden doors.
PVC coated doors have great contribution to sound insulation, in addition, they allow you to save fuel with providing thermal insulation in winter. PVC doors are also water resistant due to their high moisture resistance, and they will not swell or wear out over the time. They also require very little maintenance compared to the normal wooden doors, they do not form permanent stains and are easy to clean and maintain.
PVC doors can also be glazed with 20mm, 24mm or 32mm thickness glass. So, you can choose the PVC interior doors with glass if you want to use them in the kitchen and living room, while choosing the PVC doors that you want to use in the bedroom and bathroom without glass. PVC door contains chloride that makes it fire-resistant. As a result, if the door catches fire, it will go out without any intervention.
PVC door does not contain carcinogenic substances, and complies with all health norms. It is frequently used in residential buildings because of its sound insulation feature. PVC doors come in many different patterns and designs, and due to the production process, which is done by CNC machines, they are more affordable and longlasting compared to the other coated door types.
PVC door is also known as membrane door, and is designed to add elegance to your home. It is generally thicker than lacquered, wooden and laminate doors. PVC, PVC coated or PVC laminated interior doors are the most preferred interior door types with their easy assembly.
PVC interior doors, which are becoming more and more popular, are also produced in classical and avant-garde decoration styles.
With new styles development in recent years, PVC doors can also be used as exterior doors. They can be produced as inward or outward opening. Compared to the other doors, it is a door type that is more resistant to external conditions.